Message from the IBO2020 President

The International Biology Olympiad and the Japan Biology Olympiad provides high school and junior high students with great opportunities to nurture their biological knowledge and skills to eventually become the leading biologists of future generations.

We recently founded the IBO2020 Organizing Committee to host the International Biology Olympiad in Nagasaki as a part of a national science education facilitation project. This is our second time hosting the IBO, after IBO2009 in Tsukuba. Excluding early IBO competitions with limited participants, Japan is the first country to host multiple IBOs.

Although our venue, Nagasaki, experienced the atomic bomb of World War II, it has rebuilt itself into a beautiful city. We have selected it with the wish to energize the local economy and community.

I greatly appreciate your cooperation and support. Thank you.

The 31st International Biology Olympiad 2020 Nagasaki, Japan
IBO2020 Organizing Committee

Dr. Makoto Asashima, President